Why now? Exacerbated by war, depopulation and economic decline, attempts to find quick solutions to solve problems today threaten the restoration of quality environments, both urban and rural. We strive for managers, international actors and expert circles to have a deep understanding of today’s challenges in Ukraine and their solution scenarios, to work with the fundamental issues of land distribution, economic and social dimensions of housing, to respond to the environmental crisis and issues of social justice during reconstruction.


We work in three directions: innovative research, higher education and education for professionals, as well as consulting and professional development for communities and state bodies.

  • As an international platform for scholars, we conduct research, offer exchanges, organize seminars and research presentations.
  • As an educational center, we develop educational programs for professionals, employees of municipalities and state authorities in the new economic and ecological reality.
  • As a consulting organization, we offer analysis and recommendations to improve policies and develop local programs.


If you are interested in cooperation on one of these topics, write to [email protected].


Our Annual Symposium on Land and Housing Policy “Rebuilding a place to call home”</a > has become a recognized international platform for scientists, government representatives and experts.



Alexander Anisimov


Researcher of urban planning and governance, doctoral student of Aalto University in the field of spatial planning. Head of the NGO “New Housing Policy”, co-author of the report “Spatial Planning in Ukraine: Profile 2023”, the report “Rebuilding a place that can be called home (2023)” and the concept of Integrated Development of the Podil District (2020).


Pavlo Fedoriv

head of research

Expert in urban geography and housing policy. Co-author of “State housing policy in Ukraine: current state and prospects for reform” (2019), author of the online course “Housing and housing policy: where and how we will live” (2020).


Vita Schneider


Anthropologist, researcher of urban protest movements. Master of Sociology and Social Anthropology (Central European University).


Ihor Tyshchenko


Analyst on issues of urban development and adaptation of cities to climate change. MSc Urban Management, TU Berlin. Worked at Cedos, Canactions school (Kyiv), co-editor of the collection “Urbanistic Studios”, wechange eG (Berlin).


We are happy to cooperate in the following areas:

  1. Housing policy (social aspects of housing consumption,

access to housing, discrimination, housing needs)

  1. Political economy of land and housing (models of housing ownership and

construction, housing finance, national and local politics)

  1. Land policy (land use policy, quality of built environment)
  2. Territorial governance (spatial and land use planning, regional governance)