Exhibition of the Year 2021 in Kharkiv

Exhibition of the Year 2022 in Lviv

Exhibition of the Year 2021 in Kharkiv

Exhibition of the Year 2022 in Lviv

The academic year 2022-2023 for the Kharkiv School of Architecture took place entirely in Lviv. New space, new people, new concepts, new discoveries. We worked a lot. We worked so much that we had created a whole FOREST of works (LIS in ukr.). And we want to show you this forest at the Exhibition of the Year 2023! Preparing an exhibition of the year at the end of each year is a common practice for leading foreign architecture schools, and we adopted this practice in Ukraine.

At the Exhibition of the Year “LIS”(eng. forest), every visitor will be able to see the results of students’ studio works, as well as bachelor’s degree projects of the KhSA’s students – models, collages, abstractions. At this exhibition, attention was drawn to what usually remains unnoticed – the path students take to present the final result, i.e. graphic works – drawings, notes, drafts. This is a path of attempts, doubts, mistakes, rejection, rethinking, at the end of which there remains a proven and unified solution. This will be the core of the “forest”, located in the middle of the exhibition. Architecture is also about emotion. Therefore, we will invite everyone visitor to an emotional room, where we will guide you behind the scene. The profession of an architect is a constant search for something new. Process and result are equally important in the education. This exhibition conveys the idea of the price of search and implementation: how many resources are used to arrive at a simple solution; how much effort was spent on the final layout; how many drafts precede the final presentation.


Interesting? Is it been a while since you went to the forest? Then we invite you to visit our forest exhibition! A more detailed program of the Exhibition of the Year will be announced soon, stay tuned!


What will be exhibited? – all graphic and studio works of the students of the Kharkiv School of Architecture and diploma projects of graduates for the 2022-2023 academic year. These works were created by students of the KhSA being displaced in Lviv.


Where? – we decided to hold the Exhibition of the Year where all the ideas were realized, models were created, sketches and graphics were drawn – in our studio space of the KhSA in Lviv, Kubiyovycha 35A Street.


When? – the opening of the Exhibition of the Year will take place on June 17 at 18:00. Anyone can visit the exhibition until July 1.


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The curator of the Exhibition of the Year “LIS” is a teacher of Architectural Graphics at the KhSA, designer Yevgenia Ilyina


This is how the previous Exhibitions of the Year of the KhSA looked like:

What means the Exhibition of the Year?


The exhibition of the year is the biggest and most famous event of architecture schools, which represents everything that happened during the academic year. This Exhibition is the response of the Kharkiv School of Architecture to the challenges that we faced: war, evacuation, new curriculum and people. We succeeded and want to share the results with a big audience. Anyone will be able to walk through the path of an architect and see how a building or public space is created. Reinterpretation of photography into abstraction, abstraction into relief, relief into a complete architectural project. The works of students of the 1st and 2nd courses, as well as diploma theses of the 4th course, will be presented at the exhibition. During the year, our students implicated projects of social multi-apartment and single-family housing for internally displaced persons (IDPs), projects of a student center, pavilions, made many drawings, sketches and models, experimented with space and materials. The exhibition will also show the first implications of the updated curriculum with a block of post-war recovery studies – models of shelters for IDPs that create a sense of home.


The project takes place within the implementation of the #ZMINA_2_0 program “Subgrants for cultural projects” of the IZOLYATSIA fund. Platform for Cultural Initiatives. with the financial support of the European Union in Ukraine.