The Kharkiv School of Architecture traditionally finishes  its 2023-2024 academic year with the Exhibition of the Year. 

EXHIBITION OF THE YEAR is an exceptional event for an architectural school, when we summarise the results of the educational process. Looking at the works created by students during the year of study, we analyse, reflect and in some way experience RETURNING to the reflections and meanings that inspired their creation.

RETURNING as one that permeates all aspects of human life in times of war became the leitmotif of the exhibition of the year 2024. After all, the projects that were developed this year during the studios are about returning in different interpretations.

→ Can architecture play a significant role in the process of treatment and rehabilitation of military personnel, helping them to return to civilian life?

→ Can a conscious choice to live and produce in the countryside become a return to nature?

→ How can industry return to the modern city?

→ How can we reintegrate neighborhoods with complicated history and memory back into the urban space?

Attempts to answer these and other questions were synthesized by students in studio projects that form the core of the exhibition. The exhibition will consist of more than 250 works including models, posters, albums of working drawings, texts, and digital materials.

Exhibition of the Year is an opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in the School’s atmosphere and better understand the peculiarities of studying at the KhSA.


Opening of the exhibition: June 30th, Sunday,

Venue: Kharkiv School of Architecture, 35A Kubiyovycha St, Lviv, Ukraine.

Duration: 3 weeks.

Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday: 12 pm-19 pm, Saturday and Sunday: 13 pm-19 pm. Monday – closed.