Master’s Degree Programme at the Kharkiv School of Architecture provides an environment for modern architectural practice. The two-year intensive programme is designed for those who have already acquired basic competences for architectural project work and who are eager to get an impetus for their professional development in the international context.

The programme aims at training a new generation of Ukrainian architects who will obtain the most relevant internationally applicable competences in architectural design and construction based upon the following principles: ecological awareness, technological expedience and conceptual intensity.


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    Field work with real-life projects and clients. Studying relevant international practice of analysis, design and adjustment of the developed environment, applied to the context of local examples from Ukrainian cities.

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    The Studio as a unique environment for such work, which every student can adjust to his/her own needs. On-going training within a students’ group. The students will continuously interact with the city, the context and the public, engaging them in the implementation of their projects.

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    Team work and engagement of Ukrainian and international experts from various fields. The structure of an integrated project: all academic disciplines are selected and arranged in such a way as to enable the students to implement complex architectural projects set by the xLAB by applying the knowledge they acquire during the training process.

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    Програма розроблена у відповідності до професійних стандартів Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)


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    Акцентом програми є вивчення відповідної глобальної практики дослідження, проєктування та адаптації забудованого середовища.

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  • Specialization:

    191 Architecture and Urban Planning

  • License of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine:

    Resolution No. 227-L dated 02 April 2019

  • Освітня програма:

    Архітектура та середовище

    120 ECTS credits


  • Programme Duration:

    2 years

  • Graduation Certificate:

    Master’s Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning

  • Languages of Training

    Ukrainian, English

  • Training Mode:


  • Tuition Fee:

    60 000 per semester

The Programme focuses on continuous practice, so, the students will literally go outside and plunge into the context, try new things and experiment. During this process, the students will be supervised by tutors – architectural practitioners from Ukraine and other countries. During the two years of study, the students implement 3 term projects and prepare an individual diploma project. All the student projects will be designed for existing contexts and will apply modern research and cutting-edge design methods. Master’s Degree Programme aims at providing continuous training within a students’ group based on the enrollee’s personal achievements and the tutors’ experience, as well as engagement of local communities and various interdisciplinary groups.

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