The Studio is a semester course for teenagers in drawing, graphics, architecture, urbanism, modelling, working with various materials, logical and critical thinking and development of aesthetic culture. This extracurricular training, conducted in a new format, groups the students into teams to work on projects together with experienced tutors. The students are offered a mixture of theory and practice, extensive discussions, numerous experiments, and an environment for generating ideas and finding ways of their implementation.

The Studio gives an opportunity to obtain unique competences, create a group project together with your peers and prepare for further training at the Kharkiv School of Architecture or another university.



One studio is supervised by two tutors working with the students continuously throughout the whole project. Together with the tutors, you will complete all the stages of project preparation, you will communicate and obtain their guidance. Besides, the Studios are attended by invited lecturers who conduct workshops and read lectures to the students.

You will find yourself in a friendly atmosphere of on-going experimentation, practice, free communication and indispensable and applicable knowledge. You will mix with the students from other years and observe the academic process under the Bachelor’s Degree Programme conducted at the Kharkiv School of Architecture, attend public lectures and have access to the workshop and the library.

We suggest attending the Studio from the age of 14-17, because the curriculum is designed for teenagers and also because this is the age to choose your professional, academic and personal future. These Studios are your chance to experience college life and work at an architectural office or and artistic workshop.

The students acquire the skills of a young urban designer and architect, learn to work in a team, create real projects and get an ‘adult’ view of their own future.

Studios 14+ teach the students to work with different materials, to be dexterous with various tools (machine-tools, lathes, work benches, cutters, etc.), to draw, to work in a team, and to make and discuss presentations of their projects.