X Lab

The X-Lab is a structural unit of the Kharkiv School of Architecture focusing on research
and resolution of practical problems in urban planning and architecture.

To create conditions for practical fulfilment of students and faculty in the process of their work at relevant up-to-date topics in the field of architecture and urban studies.

The Laboratory's Three Key Goals

  • 1

    To develop applied research and generate new knowledge

  • 2

    To provide the practical component of the educational programme of the Kharkiv School of
    Architecture — workshops, conferences and integration into the educational process

  • 3

    To co-fund the Kharkiv School of Architecture

Topics Addressed by the Laboratory


The Laboratory of the Kharkiv School of Architecture conducts educational events, workshops, discussions and haсkathons aimed at finding innovative solutions to relevant problems.


Creating new knowledge is the Laboratory’s primary objective. Our team works at projects focused on problems of cities and areas in need of comprehensive innovative solutions. Our approach is based on studying the situation, designing a scientifically-grounded methodology and applying it to get the best possible solution.


The Laboratory specialists have experience of organizing and supporting architectural and urban-planning competitions. We are convinced that competitions can create conditions for interesting and unconventional solutions. When we organize a competition, we provide professional support in its administration and ensuring high-quality content, and we also moderate the process of creating the competition brief and the input situation.


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IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THE X-LAB TEAM, send e-mail for us at [email protected] FROM CV IN ADDITION WITH X-LAB LABEL