Kharkiv School of Architecture — higher education

Dear friends and colleagues,

The founders and the team of the Kharkiv School of Architecture propose to support the
development of innovative architectural education in Ukraine and to give new opportunities to
young people. The Kharkiv School of Architecture is a non-profit entity, which is drafting a new
architectural agenda for Ukraine and offers the best programmes and an up-to-date
environment to train a young generation of architects.

We have started the patronage project to engage motivated stakeholders in the development of
contemporary architectural education in Ukraine through their support of projects that promote
the reputation of the Kharkiv School of Architecture and ensure its sustainability.

The Kharkiv School of Architecture can be supported to any extent and in any format. It can receive non-designated financial support (for statutory activities); then the School will independently decide how to use the contribution. Financial support can also be targeted: to a specific department or unit of the School, to particular faculty members or students. For instance, such support can be granted to the X-Lab, or for the School library modernization, faculty support or student grants.

  • Oleksandr Cherepinskiy
  • Oleh Drozdov

    Співзасновник ХША, куратор Технічного блоку ХША, викладач, засновник архітектурного бюро Drozdov&Partners.

  • Eugene Asse
  • Польський Інститут
  • DOM publishers
  • Український культурний фонд
  • Adam Mickiewicz Institute
  • Canadian Centre for Architecture
  • Посольство Нідерландів
  • Будова
  • Ad Marginem
  • Reynaers
  • Grohe
  • IST Publishing
  • Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
  • МАРШ
  • Armstrong
  • Grafprom
  • Харків проект
  • Почесне консульство Республіки Австрія в Харкові
  • Лайтек
  • Атлант
  • Корпорація Мірс
  • CANactions
  • Knauf
  • Модерн ХХІ
  • Locus
  • Grafprom
  • Zotov&Co
Student grants

Support to gifted students from low-income families and regions; awards for students' excellent project or academic achievements. Grants will give them an opportunity to obtain the best architectural education in Ukraine and, in the future, to make one's own contribution to the development of Ukraine. Grants are awarded to the most gifted students who occupy the top rating positions after the admission procedure and apply for a grant. The Kharkiv School of Architecture reserves the right for the donors to set additional criteria, e.g. regional affiliation, etc.


Vyacheslav Moskalevskyi

BUDOVA Construction Company



Faculty Grants and Educational Programmes

Funds designated to invite leading international architectural theorists and practitioners to the Kharkiv School of Architecture to promote it at the international academic job market.


The Polish Institute

The Embassy of the Netherlands

Statutory Activity

Development of infrastructure for the academic process at the Kharkiv School of Architecture (equipment, renovation work, etc.), design of new educational programmes, procurement or construction of new premises for the Kharkiv School of Architecture (library, dormitory, gym, etc.)


Vyacheslav Moskalevskyi







Roman Bulavin

Scientific Projects Support

Support of conferences, research programmes and projects of the Kharkiv School of Architecture. which directly lead to new discoveries in architecture and urban planning, resolve complex tasks to develop specific areas, and also promote the international reputation of the Kharkiv School of Architecture as a brand and a leading architectural school of Eastern Europe.



The Consulate of Austria in Kharkiv


Adam Mickiewicz Foundation

Ukrainian Cultural Foundation

Academic Mobility of Students and Faculty

Support in this area enables the faculty of the Kharkiv School of Architecture to have externships and professional improvement at universities abroad and allows the students to attend courses in partner schools, have traineeships and internships in international architectural offices and participate in international conferences and symposia.


Adam Mickiewicz Foundation

Expanding Library Resources

The Kharkiv School of Architecture endeavours to create the largest architectural library in Ukraine, which is indispensable for students training and will be open for everyone. Contributions can be used to expand the library stock, to subscribe to publications in English and to procure library equipment.


Vyacheslav Moskalevskyi

DOM Publishers

Strelka press

Ad Marginem Press

Yuriy Ryntovt

Eugene Asse

Oleg Drozdov

Vitaliy Avdeyev

Yuriy Spasov

Віталій Авдєєв

Юрій Спасов

The Kharkiv School of Architecture accepts contributions from physical and legal persons in the form of charity contributions to implement programmes and projects aimed at the School’s development. Donors are conferred with permanent membership in the Club of Donors of the Kharkiv School of Architecture. 


The procedure of using the donor's charity contributions includes:

  • taking recommended decisions about using the charity funds provided by the Club;

  • receiving applications from the administration and the structural units of the Kharkiv School of Architecture for funding specific programmes and projects;

The projects and programmes funded by the charity contributions are implemented by the relevant units of the Kharkiv School of Architecture.

The designated use of the financial support is controlled by the Board of Trustees according to the financial plan, its amendments and implementation.

All (non-anonymous) donors enjoy privileges implemented within the framework of the Club programmes: exclusive professional events attended by reputed experts and analysts of the Kharkiv School of Architecture, its administration and Trustees and invited international specialists.