Types of scholarships:



Academic scholarships are awarded to gifted students who have excellent academic achievements, strong motivation to become an architect or urban planner, and an active social stand.


Available scholarships:

3 scholarships, which cover 25% of the tuition fee.

2 scholarships, which cover 50% of the tuition fee.




The scholarship is awarded to students who have good or excellent academic performance, strong motivation to become an architect or urban planner, and social circumstances that make it impossible to pay the full cost of tuition.


Available scholarships:

3 scholarships that cover 25% of the tuition fee.

2 scholarships that cover 50% of the tuition fee.


Follow the link to view scholarship qualification requirements and calculations.


Format and procedure of the competition

The scholarship competition is held in the format of an interview.

The commission gets acquainted with the motivation letter and portfolio of the contestant in advance.

The interview takes place online on the zoom platform on the day and time determined by the commission.

The duration of the interview is 15 minutes. Of these, 5 minutes are given for the presentation of works (note that you need to fit into the allotted time).

The contestant prepares the accompanying visual material (electronic presentation, horizontal screen orientation), formed into a single file in pdf format, independently shows it and tells about his work.


Evaluation criteria

The interview is evaluated on a 200-point system: 60 points – for a cover letter; 80 – for the presentation of the portfolio (creative works); 60 – for general erudition, ability to talk and present yourself.

The total number of interview points is summed with the competitive score formed by the ranking list of scholars.

Follow the links to learn more about the evaluation criteria of the letter of motivation, portfolio and presentation.


Terms and conditions of the scholarship

The scholarship is valid for 4 years of study in the bachelor’s program, provided that the conditions of the scholarship program are successfully fulfilled.

Fellows are required to have high scores in their studies, to take an active part in school life, to be active in public life and to promote school values.

A memorandum on participation in the program of financial support of students of the KhSA is signed with each fellow. The implementation of the memorandum is evaluated by the scholarship commission at the end of each semester. In case of non-compliance with the conditions, the student is deprived of the scholarship.

Follow the link to learn about the Scholarship Holder’s Memorandum.

Enrollment Campaign Dates:

Stage 1: July 1-6, 2022

Documents submission: July 1-4

Online interview: July 6

Lists publication: July 6

Stage 2: August 15-19, 2022

Documents submission: August 15-18

Online interview: August 19

Lists publication: August 19


We encourage our candidates to apply at Stage 1 of the Scholarship Qualification. High scores obtained at Stage 1 give confidence that should the candidates successfully pass the entrance exams (creativity contest), they will definitely obtain the scholarship and will not compete with the other enrollees for the limited number of scholarships after they are enrolled.




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